Our Growing Girl :)

Hi there!  Today I'd like to share a reflective layout, using an assortment of photos over the years of my youngest daughter...

I have quite a few "left over" photos/doubles that are perfect for this kind of layout.  I have used a scalpel knife to cut shapes out of the background paper for the photos.  By doing this, I can doodle my own custom frames, which in turn, focuses or zooms in on the details I want to highlight.

My layout has used the latest sketch over at That's Just So Cute.  The sketch is called "So Cute Surprise - October".  I have actually used the sketch twice over for the one layout…

… so I have used this sketch in the top left hand corner for the first three photos and journalling block, then again for the second lot of three rectangular photos and the house embellishment (which like the journalling block, fills in for a photo).  I've added an arrow just like the sketch and the title is at the base of the layout too.

Here's a close-up of my frame cutting and doodling.  I'm enjoying doodling at the moment… :)

And one more closie, this time focusing on my title - mostly drawn, broken up by some gold and white AC Thickers for dimension and order. ;)

I have used papers by 7dots studio and embellishments by BasicGrey.  The delicious cherry flair button is by A Piece of Cake Designs.

Well that's all from me for now, thanks so much for stopping by!  Have an awesome day!


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How to play dodgeball... :)


Today I've got a new layout to share.  It's a fun instructional layout using some backyard dodgeball pics...

I've used the latest sketch from Creative Scrappers for this layout - CS Sketch 280.  I've hand drawn the "dodgeball" title and the circles which have incorporated the bulk of my journaling.

I've used a Pink Sunbeam Sweetie on here, along with a Blue Denim Heart (Denim Hearts come in packs of 20 in three assorted sizes - the smallest size is used here).

There's also a small white Fuzzy Felt Cloud on the top right of my layout.  All these embellishments are available from my etsy store.

Here's the sketch that I used;

I have followed the sketch quite closely (for me!), just choosing to use more photos but keeping the general orientation shown.

Well that's all from me for now, thanks so much for stopping by!

Chantal :)
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Hey it's show time!

Hello there!

I hope my post finds you well.  I thought I'd share part two of my "mastering the art of bright and bold colours" article as published in Scrapbooking Memories magazine Vol. 16 No. 9.

My layout, "2013 Royal Adelaide Show" uses a medium pink patterned paper as the base colour and a medium blue cardstock as the complementary colour.  I primarily carried the complementary colour throughout the layout by using a piece of punched patterned paper, a ticket, letters, a ribbon bow and a sticker using the rule of thirds.

One of the key factors when using bright and bold colours is outlining; I like to use black.  This can be combined with doodling but it's best to stick with outlining around the layout's elements first and then if you feel there is room for it then you could add this at the end.  Outlining with a good quality black marker will give your layout that wow factor; it is an important part of this technique.  I personally prefer to use American Crafts Slick Writer, but I also like the good ol' Sharpie marker and Uniball Signo gel pens totally rock as well. :)

When using bright and bold colours, I usually like to incorporate some neutral-toned elements such as creams, browns, whites and black.  I find the lighter neutral tones help the layout breathe while the darker colours help stabilise or ground them.

For this layout, I have tried to encapsulate all the excitement, busyness and fun of a fairground atmosphere.  I've added some show-themed ephemera on here such as tickets and die cuts.  I have made my own glittered pegs - by covering one side of mini wooden pegs with American Crafts' glitter tape.  No mess or fuss! :)

I have also used three goodies from my etsy store;

A Candy (top right - pictured above) and Popcorn from my "Treat Cuteness" pack, along with a Swirl Sweet Pop in Dark Pink (bottom left - see below).

These embellishments add just that little bit of fun factor - perfect for a fun-filled memory! :)

The Popcorn and Candy come with a Burger...

…and that is the Treat Cuteness pack! :)

The Swirl Sweet Pops come in packs of two.  This colour way is "dark pink"…

These cute embellishments can all be found at byChantalVandenberg.

The chipboard year title is by 2Crafty.  They are so handy - those years!

Well that is all from me for now.  I hope to back sooner rather than later on my blog - time is ticking away so fast… seriously it's almost Christmas again!  Wowza!

Anyway, thanks so much for visiting and I hope you have an awesome day!



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The Fox in Socks :)

Hi there! :)

Today I would like to share one of two layouts that I created for a "Mastering the art using bright and bold colours" feature for Scrapbooking Memories magazine (Vol. 16 No. 9).

For my layout, "Fox in Socks", I used turquoise as my base colour.  The striking chevron patterned background is one of the bold elements I used whilst the addition of the hot pink die-cut doily is my complementary colour.

When using complementary colours (which are strong colours that contrast yet complement each other as they are directly opposite on the colour wheel), I try to stick to the rule of thirds.  In this case I have used four hot pink elements on my layout, but visually I haven't broken this rule because the off-cut from the large doily has been placed underneath the bottom left photo.  By doing this I have added the hot pink elements in five places which keeps with the rule of thirds!

The memory I've captured here actually incorporates a fun costume that I made for my daughter.  I made some cute fox ears for her and upon printing my photos, I noticed that these ears were mostly cropped off!  Oops!  So I made up for this by making mini versions of what I'd made and highlighted them by adding them to overhang the page!  They look just as cute in the album tucked in too.  Just a cute little interactive bit that came from a whoopsie! :)

I've used a couple of products from my etsy store on this layout.  They are the Fox Cutie from the Woodland Cuties pack and Fuzzy Felt Clouds in Kawaii Colours. :)

Well that is all for now, stay tuned for part two from my bright and bold feature!

Thanks for visiting!

Chantal :)

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A new smile!

Hello!  I have based this layout on this month's challenge at Once Upon A …Sketch.  I have documented a milestone which inevitably happens in every child's life - the first lost tooth!

My layout is thus called, "A new smile" :)

I've created a unique background by using inks, water and a laundry sink. :)  The circular part with nothing on it is where the empty plug hole was… lol.

I love these canvas frames by Crate Paper.  They are part of an exclusive Maggie Holmes collection, as are the bows, pegs, die cuts and papers. :)

I have sneakily made the wooden pegs less dimensional.  Here's how;

1. Pull out one wooden half of the peg, so that you have one wooden half with no wire on it.
2. Using wire cutters, snip the piece of wire which would normally be seen at the top of the peg.
3. Adhere the snipped piece of wire to the top of the peg, inside the indent.
4. Presto!  You have the look of a wooden peg without the bulk.  Plus you have more bang for your buck!  Another half to play with! :D

Here is the sketch that I have based my layout on…

I was inspired by the two photos placed left and right, but I decided to use the right photo's position as negative space.  This gave me the opportunity to use a larger photo on the left and multiple photos on the right.

I hope you have a lovely day!  Thanks so much for stopping by! :D


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Sisters make the best friends :)

Hi there!

Today I'd like to share the full layout "Sisters make the best friends", which I created recently for Berry71Bleu's monthly challenge.

byChantalVandenberg was one of the sponsors for the sketch challenge and I created this layout based on the sketch provided.  I have used a gorgeous tag by Marivic, of Berry71Bleu, which includes one orange Sunbeam Sweetie from my store. :)

I have also used tow other handmade products from my shop on my layout; the Bright Star, which is a new product in stock (large size used here), and the Fuzzy Felt Clouds in white (various sizes pack used here).

I have also die-cut some gold glitter cardstock in round shapes and placed them in three places on my layout, inspired by the lovely gold buttons on the tag.

The eclectic assortment of embellishments on my page, which range from handmade and vintage… to delicate and funky, were all inspired by the collection of embellishments included on the exclusive Berry71Bleu tag. :)

Also, if you were wondering what happened to that yellow bottlecap, I just smashed it flat with a hammer.  Lol!  Less bulk that way!

Well that's all from me for now.  Until next time, happy scrapping!


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A guest spot!

Hello!  Today I am guesting over at Berry71bleu!

I have created a layout based on this month's sketch challenge that my shop, byChantalVandenberg, is sponsoring!

Here are a few sneaks for you…


I'd love it if you could pop on over there to check out the full reveal and this month's sketch!

Thanks for visiting!


Chantal :)

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A BIG shout out from… Monica! :)

Hi everyone!  Just popping in to mention that the lovely and talented fellow SBM Master, Monica Brady, has done a shout out for my etsy store - byChantalVandenberg!  Thank you Monica!!!

You can click here, to visit Monica's store's blog "The Trinket Track" to read up on my interview and to see some goodies in the process too!

Have a great one!


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My Tokyo Adventures :)

Why, hello there!  I have a double layout to share today.  It was created for Volume 16 Issue 9 of Scrapbooking Memories magazine - as part of the monthly Masters Tasks. :)

This month's task was to use some products from one of the generous sponsors, October Afternoon.  I had the "Travel Girl" collection to work with, which was perfect for these old pre-digi travel photographs!

My layout is called, "My Tokyo Adventures"...

I have used some of my Fuzzy Felt Clouds in white (various sizes) on my layout.  These are available from my store, byChantalVandenberg.

I have intergrated alot of journalling into the background by using red pen on lined patterned paper.

This collection was so much fun to use - I love the cheerful retro imagery.  Here are the three ideas that I wrote that were published in the magazine;

1. The retro tones and nostalgic imagery in this wonderful collection lend themselves so well to lovely old travel photos.  Here I have included five focal photos, which have been left in their original size, and six smaller photos, which have been cropped to the focal point.

2. Break up lots of straight right angle lines with curry border stickers and quirky details such as the Sew Fun Banners bunting triangles and circles, border stickers, Chip 'n Stick chipboard, felt clouds, bling and the main title.

3. When using patterned papers without cardstock, to visually break it up try outlining all the elements with a black marker.  This will ensure they don't get lost in the mixture of patterns.  Use a thick marker for the larger design elements and a fine one around photographs.

I hope you have enjoyed this little share today!

Until next time, happy scrapping!

Chantal :)

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Today's little moments...

Hi there!  Today I thought I'd share my second layout created for Scrapbooking Memories magazine's Masters Challenges - which is a monthly challenge sponsored by a different manufacturer/company for the ten Masters. :)

So for Volume 16 Issue 8, the sponsor was the wonderful Flourish with a Bling.   

I created a layout using lots of lovely FWAB products, if you have followed me for a while, you'd know that I'm no stranger to FWAB's beautiful embellishments (I served one year on their first ever design team!).

My layout is called, "Today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories"…

I have included FWAB's Taylah's Toadstools amongst grass from FWAB's Lee's Tree pack.  I have used on of Lee's Trees too, cut in half on either side of the photograph. :)

Taylah's Toadstools look quite at home alongside my own Spotty Mushrooms from ByChantalVandenberg. :)

I have decorated the trees with leaves from FWAB's Jack's Vine (Green) and I used the other bits and pieces of the vine on the grass (as pictured above).

I have also used the Sun and clouds from FWAB's Up in the Sky range, as well as buntings from Nicky's Beach Huts pack.

Lastly, I have used a Jasmine Puffy Flourish in orange, cut up under "today" and at the bottom right of the page.

I also worked with some lovely papers and embellishments from Crate Paper for this layout.  I particularly love the canvas polaroid frame (used upside down - just looked better that way ;P).

The ideas that I wrote along with this article were;

1. By cutting up your bling, you can create so may more possibilities.  For example, I cut up my clouds to create the illusion of more clouds; and I cute the sun in half and snipped off the rays from the off-cut and tucked them in between the other half's rays for a layered look and greater impact.

2. To create the illusion of larger and/or moving clouds, I used the Up in the Sky clouds as a template and drew around them with a black pen before attaching them slightly to the left or the right of the outline.  Fill in the gap between the pen outline and the cloud sticker with glitter glue.

3. Use glitter cardstock, glitter glue and pearl pens, or whatever other bling-like products you like, to balance the Flourish with a Bling embellishments affixed to the layout for a sense of cohesion and unity. Bling buddies like to stick together!

So this layout is a real bling party… super fun and happy, just like the photo and memory.

Before I go, I have to announce an arrival of another new embellishment available in my store, ByChantalVandenberg.


Blue Denim Hearts! :)

Hearts are made from quality reclaimed denim and come in a pack of 20, in assortment of three sizes - measuring from a teeny tiny 1/2" to a strapping, but still small, 1 3/4".

They can found in store and in stock right here.

Have a great day!

Chantal :)

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My final post for 2Crafty. :)

Hello everyone!
Here's my last post for 2Crafty, which has already been shared over on their blog.
I shared three brand new layouts for my last post at 2Crafty.
Enjoy! :)
...I've had a wonderful 2 years in the team, 
and I hope you've enjoyed my inspiration along the way. :)
Now, first up I have a layout using lots of journalling, and a hand painted
 watercolour background, along with lots of 2Crafty chipboard too of course! ;)
My layout is called...
 "{This is what school holidays look like}"…

I have used the following chipboard products;
Polaroid Assortment Frames (8 piece pack)
Polaroid Frames (set of 2 pack)
View Finder (small size)
ATC Tiny Hearts & Stars (hearts)

I have dressed most of the chipboard with patterned paper, trimmed to size
 using a sharp pair of scissors  for the outside edges, and a scalpel knife
 for the inside edges.  Works a treat!
One polaroid frame has been painted and glazed over with a sprinkling of sequins, 
and the view finder has been left raw, machine stitched in a cross.
Some of my other chipboard pieces have been machine stitched too, 
to adhere a little paper message.
The Fuzzy Felt Clouds are from my store, byChantalVandenberg, and are featured in the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine!  The newest edition of Scrapbooking Memories celebrates our own homegrown talent & businesses (homegrown meaning Australia and New Zealand).  It is an honour for my little shop to be included! :)  2Crafty is also a homegrown business and this magazine edition is a great reminder to us all to support our local businesses! :)
The second layout I have to share is a cute school one, called
 "My first day of reception"…

I have gone for a bright and floral vibe for this layout, inspired by 
the colourful wall hanging in the photo.
I have used the following 2Crafty chipboard products;
Tags (large size, pack of 6)
Flag Banners
Gigi's Flowers (smaller flower, minus backing)
ATC Tiny Hearts & Stars (star)

I have "strung" up the flag banners with a faux string, thanks to a black gel pen. :)

I've also outlined all the chipboard pieces with a black gel pen here, as the
 background is quite busy.

All except for Gigi's Flower...

 This flower has been painted red and covered with glitter for a pretty sparkle.
  I love the intricate look that this flower has!

And now for my third and final layout, I have scrapped some
older photos (pre-digital) for a change.

My layout is called
"The Bright Lights of Tokyo"…

I love getting bright! :)  So here I've made my own watercolour background,
much like my first layout - only brighter.  Plus I've added some black inking work too.

I have used the following 2Crafty chipboard pieces;
Tags (large size, from a pack of 6)
Light Bulbs (one bulb taken from the pack of 4)
Chevron Bits (x1)
Assorted Arrows (x1)

I have covered two tags with patterned paper and one has been painted cream.
  I used the three tags like a photo matt for my main photo by layering them
 at angles with each other, outlining around each overlapping tag and then
 cutting around each outline.  This enabled a flat surface to accompany this
layered look which was important for the photo, and to create less bulk overall too.

The light bulb has been coloured with a yellow marker, then doodled around
 with a yellow gel pen.  Lastly, I used a black gel pen to pick up the etched 
outlining, to make them stand out and I also outlined  onto the photo around
 the edges and to create bright light marks.

I have cut an assorted arrow in half and adhered it to the top and bottom right of 
the layout, along the tear line of the watercolour background.  These tie in with 
the patterned packaging tape that I used.

This layout also features the debut of my new embellishment, the Bright Star!

The Bright Star comes in two sizes, in a pack of four and in a mixed variety of bright and funky colours!  It's available in store now.

Well that's all from me, I hope you have enjoyed my 2Crafty projects over the past two years.  I'll be sure to keep using 2Crafty in my projects in the future too! :)


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